tweets about animals

Hilarious & Heartwarming Tweets About Animals That Will Made You Feel Better

Animal lovers can't see anything more heartwarming than animals photos or videos. Especially, when they are unusual and surprising! Check these tweets about animals...

German Shepherd Police Dog Honored In The Most Bittersweet Ceremony Ever!

The policeman Kevin Chabot has a German shepherd police dog named Jaggier who has worked for 7 years. Jaggier was famous for his chase...

German Shepherd Fell into Icy Water was rescued

A 10-month-old Maverick, a German Shepherd Fell into Icy Water near Drauden Road and Catherine Drive leading to the presence and help of the...
vet refused to take german shepherd

Vet Refuses To Take German Shepherd Because “His Wounds Are Too extreme”

Vet refuses to take German Shepherd after they saw his wounds are too extreme. The accident occurred in Danielle McCluskey’s home who had a...
orphaned calf

An Orphaned Calf Acts Like A Dog After Being Around German Shepherds

A family of German Shepherd breeders adopted an orphaned calf called Buddy. Back then, when they found the calf, he was just one day...

Ranger Carries 100lb German Shepherd For Miles Through Rocky Hills to Save His Life

A post recently went viral Facebook about ranger carries 100lb German Shepherd for miles through rocky hills to save his life. Lexie Daniel spoke...
Police Dog

A German Shepherd Police Dog Was Stabbed in The Head During A Hostage Taking

A German Shepherd Police Dog Was Stabbed in The Head During A Hostage Taking. The police department got a call to the 600 blocks...

Family Can’t Believe What Their German Shepherd Did To an Intruder That Attacked Their...

Dogs make such great guard dogs because they are regional animals. The most known dogs for excellent protective senses are of the German Shepherd breed....

Family Found a Note Besides Their Bleeding German Shepherd Explaining Why He Shot Him

The family found a note beside their bleeding German Shepherd explaining why he shot him Firstly, they did not know what happened. Yet, they started...

Family Finds Strange Dog on Their Porch, Are Amazed to Discover Why

A family living in Kansas missed their dog and they found him in the most unexpected place. He was about 60 miles away! Colton...

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Dog Training Tips: How to Train a Dog

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My dog gets car sick

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The “Sit” command

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freedoms of a dog

The 5 freedoms of a dog

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Boredom bad for your dog

Boredom: why is it bad for your dog?

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break from training

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