dog rescuing kitten

This Brave Dog Rescued His Little Cat Friend From A Burning House, He Is...

Unfortunately, the world is having a chain of depressing events nowadays. We can't help but hope for things to get better. Animals with their...
dogs never die, they are just sleeping in our hearts

Beaten Up Homeless Man Passed Away With The Dog Beside Him

Juan Diego Sebastian was a homeless living in Florida. He was assaulted by an unknown person one day when he was sitting in a...
Cat startled by the sound

Annoyed Cat Whacks The Dog As He Accidentally Farts

Cats and dogs might have been living together as pets in some houses today. But their basic nature doesn’t seem to have left them....
koala and firemen see the forest burning

There Is Helplessness In The Eyes Of Koala And Firefighter As They See The...

Some pictures bring sweet memories to you. And then there are those pictures that sting painfully when you see them. This picture belongs to...
missing turtle

Family Finds Their Missing Turtle In The Storage Room 30 Years After She Disappeared

The missing turtle Manuela disappeared in 1982, after her family searched so hard for her but they never find her. The red-footed tortoise Manuela...
A dog and a goose living in the same house, they are best friends. But we didn't know the goose will love the babies of her friends that much!

Nanny Goose Loves Dog Friend’s Fluffy Puppies

A dog and a goose living in the same house, they are best friends. But we didn't know the goose will love the babies...
dog loves his baby

This dog loves his baby sister so much! Meet Wooyoo!

This dog loves his baby sister so much! He always checks if she's okay, give her unlimited number of kisses, tries to make her...
Paralyzed dog

Paralyzed dog with broken heart visible in his eyes

This paralyzed dog had a broken heart that you can clearly visualize through his looks. He was hiding when the rescuers had a call that...
dogs on the roads

UPS Drivers Facebook Group For Dogs They Meet On The Road

UPS Driver Sean McCarren created a facebook group in 2013 which made for all UPS drivers to share pictures of the dogs they meet...
abandoned husky

This Guy Helped Abandoned Husky To Recover

Rico Soegiarto, a guy found in his way an abandoned husky that is malnourished and very weak. This poor dog was very sick and...

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Traveling Dogs

Hit The Road With Your Pup! 9 Inspiring Traveling Dogs From Instagram

Traveling becomes more fun when your furry friend is your companion. Dogs are loyal and admirable travel mates. They are very cute and they...

Warning: It’s Coyotes Mating Season And Your Pets Could Be In Danger

Coyotes are not usually seen by humans, as they are nocturnal animals. However, there were many of them spotted in the daylight lately. Coyotes may...

Husky Longs For A Forever Home After Breeder Surrenders Her Because She Is ‘Weird...

Jubilee is a 4-year-old female husky that was born looking very unique. But, her breeder thought she was looking "weird" so she gave up...

Bat Looking Dog Is Very Unique, Meet Tucker!

Tucker looks like a bat and it's very cute! Meet Trucker, the three-year-old dog who is a very special little rescue puppy. He's not just...
fitness class

Golden Retriever Joined A Fitness Class And Does Crunches Better Than Most People

All people aim to get in shape, but most of them lack motivation. So, this adorable golden retriever joined a fitness class and it...

“Dog-Tors” Helps Sick Kids Feel Less Scared Of Medical Procedures.

Hospitals can be scary places, especially for children. Hospitals that depend on therapy dogs are increasing, to cheer up patients while they’re in the...
Subway Sally

Stray Dog Nicknamed “Subway Sally” After Visiting Sandwich Chain Every Night For A Year

Street life is so hard. It leaves both animals and humans so hungry, cold and not sure where they can get their next meal. Sub...
flock of sheep

Dog Saves Flock Of Sheep From Blazing Australian Wildfire

More than half million animals have died in the Australian wildfires that is still flaming at the country. People all over the world are...

Puppy Abandoned At Park With Note From ‘Santa’ Taped To His Fur

Children usually write letters to Santa at the end of the year asking him for things and even ask him for dogs. So, It...
Service Dog

Service Dog Goes Wild Over ‘Up’ Dog At Disney World

“I have just met you and I love you.” Jessica Paulsen took her Service dog Henry on a recent trip to Disney World, and...

Dog Siblings Adopted From Russia Have Chance Reunion 4,000 Miles Away.

We all saw movies about siblings who lost each other long time ago. And after a while, they find each other in such a...