This Is Why Your ‘Locked’ Luggage Isn’t As Safe As You Think

The Big Deal About Your Locked Luggage Breaking into a traveling suitcase can be as easy as anything. So many people often get into this...
best Reaction

She Offered This Sloth the Flower and He had the Best Reaction

She Offered This Sloth the Flower and He had the Best Reaction written by: nyokabilay Arguments can go as long as they can about the similarities...

Horses Have The Time Of Their Lives Playing In Water For The First Time

Horses have fun in water for the first time written by: rouladam6 The two horses played around in the water like kids ! This video shows...

This doberman, and this Horse are friendship GOALS

Being an animal advocate for a quite long time, i admit that they have beaten us BIG time when it comes to friendship. I've...

Amazing Times Animals Were Not Only Our Best Friends, But Also Each Other’s BFFs

Animals !! Who can be a better Friend than our perky paws? Even when i am having a RUFF day, My dog always...

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disabled puppy

Disabled Puppy Gets A Lego Wheelchair Built For Her By A 12-Year-Old

Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, while the rest get bad luck in their quota. This is the story of...
sad dog

Owner Tied His ‘Diseased’ Puppy To A Truck And Starved Him For 10 Days

Only humans can be this brutal to someone who loves them with all their heart. Only humans can reciprocate love with betrayal. Duke, a...
sick puppy

Woman Rescues Sick Puppy That Got His Feet Stuck In A Bed Frame

Seeing a sick puppy in pain is never a pleasant sight. Sometimes, we come across such news where the negligence of a human led...
dog destroyed home

Naughty Dog Destroyed Home While Family Was Away

Imagine coming back from a party only to find your house literally ransacked. What would your first reaction be? Call the police maybe? But...
stranded husky

Husky Stranded On Balcony For 2 Weeks Without Water Or Food

Is it because dogs don’t say anything that we treat them however we feel like? Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending. But...
injured pit bull puppy

Passerby Finds Injured Pit Bull Puppy In Trash And Saves Her Just In The...

GRAPHIC CONTENT AHEAD It is stories like these that make one wonder about the world we are living in. The paradox in humanity, with some...

Study Reveals Yelling At Your Dog Can Have Devastating Consequences

Our dogs are as much part of the family as anyone else. But they are animals all the same and prone to irrational behavior...
service dog

Service Dog Accompanying Autistic Child Denied Admission To Pet Shop: Shop Clerk Unrepentant

Lele Wisler aged 3, finds life difficult without Scooby, the service dog. The dog is specially trained to assist autistic children and accompanies her...
dogs at parking lot

Heartless Owner Abandoned Dogs In A Parking Lot In Delavan

Shoppers found two abandoned dogs in a parking lot of a Walmart store in Delavan. The dogs were rescued in a sorry state and...
animals grieve

Animals Grieve As Deeply As We Humans Do And These Dogs Prove It

Animals bond for life and are able to feel loyalty, love, and gratitude as much as humans. They ask no questions about their friends...
dingo the police dog

Utah Lawmakers Triple Extent Of Punishment After Violent Fugitive Shoots Dead Police Dog

Torey Massey can now repent in leisure. The 30-year-old felon committed an act heinous enough for the legislature of the state of Utah to...