furry friend

This Dachshund Of An Art Director Is Traveling The World Of Magic And Fantasy

Santiago Losada is a creative director who is settled in Bogotá. He and his girlfriend have a furry friend - a dachshund named Pincho....

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Shelter Hopes To Attract Adopters With Mixtapes on Spotify That Show Off Rescue Dogs’...

Chocolates and flowers are overvalued. The path to somebody's heart is through music, or all the more specifically mixtapes. Anyway, that is the way...

Dog’s Happy Reaction When Her Astronaut Owner Finally Returns After 328 Days In Space

Astronaut Christina Koch just came back to earth after almost a year in space. However, no one missed her more than her dog. Koch...

Rescuers Save Elderly Dog Who Got Stuck Chasing Rabbits Underground

Henry, a senior beagle from West Virginia, might be an elderly dog. However, he won't let his old age stop him from his best...

Meet Smokey, The Labrador Retriever That Will Steal Your Heart From The Fist Sight!

Smokey is an extremely cute Labrador Retriever that you’ll fall in love with his eyes from the first sight! He always gives his mother...
goose saves stray puppy

Goose Saves Stray Puppy From Freezing By Warming Him Under Its Wings

A goose Saves Stray Puppy may look like a strange scene for us. As we think compassion is only a human trait. It makes...
Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds That Are Easier To Care For for Busy People

Do you want a dog that won't take all of your time and energy? You have to learn more about low-maintenance dog breeds. You...

Meet The Best 9 Dogs for Hiking and Climbing

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orphaned bear

Orphaned Bear Cub Rescued By A Family Dog

Most dogs play fetch with balls and sticks. But one Virginia dog found an orphaned bear cub and decided to bring him home. The dog’s surprised owners...

Funny Dog Takes Over FaceTime Chat After Owner Falls Asleep

It happened to you for sure, to catch up with your significant one after a long day. Sometimes you're so tired that you can...

Which Breeds Have The Worst dental health?

(Picture Credit: Rodrusoleg/Getty Images) February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Vets are claiming that poor dental health is one of the most widely recognized...

Why Should You Spay Or Neuter Your Dog?

Nowadays, almost all dog owners make sure to spay or neuter their dogs, which is good. Due to education and development in spaying and...