Had A Late Night? Feeling Sleepy? Meet These 20 Sleepy Dogs Who Can Accompany...

We adore our furbabies and each day they give us more reasons to love them so! Be it a game of fetch or their...
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Here’s A 9-Year-Old Brave Heart Who Rescued A Wolf Pup From An Abandoned Well

For some, it is the heart that triumphs over the mind. The pure heart of a child can triumph over fear better than the...

Granny And Her Dog Have An Amazing Time Dancing Together

Dogs are man's best friend , dogs always played an important role TO many peoples life , There are even dogs that sacrificed their...


Why do some people look different from others? The answer is genetics. There are individuals born with some rare genetic conditions. Most of these...

Rottweiler Just Says No to Vegetables (and Yes to Cheese) in Hilarious Video

everyone Should agree that Rottweilers are loyal , friendly and very smart dogs. Whether they are learning their latest trick or keeping you on...
dog on the church altar

Dog On The Church Altar: Brazilian Priest Shows His Love For Strays In The...

At Mass, Padre Joao Paulo de Araujo Gomes usually has a remarkable companion. The Padre always has a dog on the church altar beside...
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Meet These Lovely Animals With Unique Features Which Will Transfix You

Am I a little weird? Or a little different? Well, I have decided not to be a part of the herd. You might say...

10 Incredible BASE Jump Exits

There are a lot of extreme hobbies, which make it possible to gradually move from a smaller to a greater level of complexity, becoming...

Little Koala Didn’t Move Away From The Mother During Surgery

The six-month koala Phantom has not moved away from his mother Lizzie, as she was recovering from injuries resulting from a collision of the car. While...
amazing dog react

Border Collie Gets A Shock When She Sees Herself On A TV Replay

If you are in a major sports event and the camera shows you on the big screen, you are overjoyed. You will probably pull...

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Hit The Road With Your Pup! 9 Inspiring Traveling Dogs From Instagram

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Warning: It’s Coyotes Mating Season And Your Pets Could Be In Danger

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Husky Longs For A Forever Home After Breeder Surrenders Her Because She Is ‘Weird...

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Bat Looking Dog Is Very Unique, Meet Tucker!

Tucker looks like a bat and it's very cute! Meet Trucker, the three-year-old dog who is a very special little rescue puppy. He's not just...
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Golden Retriever Joined A Fitness Class And Does Crunches Better Than Most People

All people aim to get in shape, but most of them lack motivation. So, this adorable golden retriever joined a fitness class and it...

“Dog-Tors” Helps Sick Kids Feel Less Scared Of Medical Procedures.

Hospitals can be scary places, especially for children. Hospitals that depend on therapy dogs are increasing, to cheer up patients while they’re in the...
Subway Sally

Stray Dog Nicknamed “Subway Sally” After Visiting Sandwich Chain Every Night For A Year

Street life is so hard. It leaves both animals and humans so hungry, cold and not sure where they can get their next meal. Sub...
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Dog Saves Flock Of Sheep From Blazing Australian Wildfire

More than half million animals have died in the Australian wildfires that is still flaming at the country. People all over the world are...

Puppy Abandoned At Park With Note From ‘Santa’ Taped To His Fur

Children usually write letters to Santa at the end of the year asking him for things and even ask him for dogs. So, It...
Service Dog

Service Dog Goes Wild Over ‘Up’ Dog At Disney World

“I have just met you and I love you.” Jessica Paulsen took her Service dog Henry on a recent trip to Disney World, and...

Dog Siblings Adopted From Russia Have Chance Reunion 4,000 Miles Away.

We all saw movies about siblings who lost each other long time ago. And after a while, they find each other in such a...