dog abandoned

CCTV Camera Catches A Dog Chasing The Vehicle That Had Dumped Her

In a shocking incident, a CCTV camera recorded a dog chasing the vehicle that left her there. Honey, a Labrador-mix, was faced with an...
Hare under ban

Dog Died After Consuming Wipes, Owner Banned From Adopting Animals

Kelly Hare is banned from adopting a pet for the coming ten years. Why? Her dog died after consuming wipes, and she did nothing...
ear cropping

A Man Who Cuts Puppies’ Ears For Money Arrested

It’s a cruel world and this man who cuts puppies’ ears for money, proves this. This heartless man cuts off the dog’s ears without...
dogs never die, they are just sleeping in our hearts

Beaten Up Homeless Man Passed Away With The Dog Beside Him

Juan Diego Sebastian was a homeless living in Florida. He was assaulted by an unknown person one day when he was sitting in a...
koala and firemen see the forest burning

There Is Helplessness In The Eyes Of Koala And Firefighter As They See The...

Some pictures bring sweet memories to you. And then there are those pictures that sting painfully when you see them. This picture belongs to...

5 Dogs Across The UK Die After Being Afflicted By The Flesh-Eating Alabama Rot

A scary disease named the Alabama Rot is afflicting dogs in the UK. The flesh-eating disease is known to attack all breeds of dogs...
FedEx package killed the dog

In An Unfortunate Turn Of Events, A FedEx Package Killed This Dog

Sometimes unfortunate incidents happen which make us realize how dangerous a seemingly harmless act can be. It stuns us how fragile life is and...
dogs housed in the store

An IKEA In Catania Opens Doors To Shelter Stray Dogs: The Dogs Housed In...

IKEA in Italy at Catania became viral recently when Vittoria Taccia Gabrielli took out her mobile and recorded a video and posted it on...
Bait Dog

A Rescue Center Fights To Save Bait Dog Dumped Before An Animal Shelter

A scrawny dog, just 3 years old, was found outside a shelter in a condition that showed the depths to which human depravity can...
Paw Patrol

This Paw Patrol Looks After Their Baby Brother: Little Boy Down With Flu Insists...

Riddick was rescued in 2015 by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC after he was pushed out from a speeding vehicle. After his injuries healed, he...

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dog gets car sick

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pets food

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Dogs allowed to

Dogs are allowed to..

Humans often tend to humanize their pets. We are touched by things they do that shouldn’t really be touching, and we get angry at...
wolves like dogs

Are wolves just like dogs?

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Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips: How to Train a Dog

Some dogs lose their minds when they see their favorite toy. 🤪They start jumping, pulling on their human’s clothes, barking – anything to get...
Battle your dog's fears

Battle your dog’s fears: reward-based method

“Is your dog afraid of something? Maybe men or children? Let them feed him/her out of their hand. Is he/she afraid of the vacuum...
dog ride in the car

Train your dog to ride in the car

Some dog parents fear car rides with their furry companions: spending a long time negotiating with their dogs to get inside, constant barking and...
dog gets car sick

My dog gets car sick

My dog gets car sick: what to do? ⠀ Some dog parents regularly face this problem. Why does car sickness happen and how to help your...
Sit command

The “Sit” command

The “Sit” command is one of the most important commands in a dog’s life. That’s why it is crucial to teach your dog to...
freedoms of a dog

The 5 freedoms of a dog

Good life standards are a basis for good behavior. But what are these standards exactly? ⠀ It’s simple! There is an internationally recognized concept of pet...