Hare under ban

Dog Died After Consuming Wipes, Owner Banned From Adopting Animals

Kelly Hare is banned from adopting a pet for the coming ten years. Why? Her dog died after consuming wipes, and she did nothing...
dogs housed in the store

An IKEA In Catania Opens Doors To Shelter Stray Dogs: The Dogs Housed In...

IKEA in Italy at Catania became viral recently when Vittoria Taccia Gabrielli took out her mobile and recorded a video and posted it on...
FedEx package killed the dog

In An Unfortunate Turn Of Events, A FedEx Package Killed This Dog

Sometimes unfortunate incidents happen which make us realize how dangerous a seemingly harmless act can be. It stuns us how fragile life is and...
worship the dogs

It Is The Festival Of Lights And The Time To Worship The Dogs In...

A little known tradition practiced by the Nepalese in the tiny mountain-nation of Nepal will gladden your heart. While dogs are loved here throughout...
ear cropping

A Man Who Cuts Puppies’ Ears For Money Arrested

It’s a cruel world and this man who cuts puppies’ ears for money, proves this. This heartless man cuts off the dog’s ears without...
dog abandoned

CCTV Camera Catches A Dog Chasing The Vehicle That Had Dumped Her

In a shocking incident, a CCTV camera recorded a dog chasing the vehicle that left her there. Honey, a Labrador-mix, was faced with an...

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Best Age For Neutering Or Spaying A Dog

Firstly, vets have different opinions and suppositions about spaying or neutering dogs. In this article, I'll try to give you my own opinion. No examination...
goat and dog best friends

Goat Comforts Dog That Just Lost His Best Buddy

Everybody needs a best friend. And dogs are our all-time best friends. However, one of the unusual friendships was for a dog and a...

Dog Doesn’t Understand Why A Statue Won’t Play Fetch With Him

What I love about dogs is their heart. They are constantly open and cordial with everybody that they meet. They love to play fetch...
Deaf Dog

Meet Silas, The Deaf Dog That Understands Sign Language

peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper and dogs and walks! They go together, just like that. It's the best thing in the world...
dog ran away to find his foster mom

Dog Finally Gets Home, But He Runs Away To Find His Foster Mom

When dogs get attached to somebody, it is difficult to break this attachment. We've heard of endless stories where a dog demonstrates their undying...
deaf great dane and his best friend

Little Girl And Her Deaf Great Dane Share A Special Bond

Echo is deaf Great Dane. had she not been saved as a puppy, she might wouldn't have grown up – her owners at the...
pigeon and chihuahua

Pigeon That Can’t Fly And Special Needs Chihuahua Are Best Friends

Only six weeks is the time that this cute pigeon became the best friend of this adorable Chihuahua. This amazing couple spent a great...

To Encourage Pet Adoption, Stray Dog Wandered Into A Monastery

The most recent "friar" to join the Franciscan religious community in Cochabamba, Bolivia is making a remarkable mix on the web. They did that...
three legged pets

These Cute Three-Legged Pets Are Living Their Best Lives

Who said three-legged pets can't have a great and happy life! If you need to here's an example of how these cuties are having...

Kid Wanted To Be The One To Hold His Dying Dog As She Crossed...

This kid understands how senior dogs in shelters feel when they wait for someone to adopt them. The longer the children wait for adoption,...

Dog Mourns at Casket of Navy SEAL

This dog mourns his friend was one of the most heartbreaking pictures in the pet world. It also tells us a lot about how...