7 abandoned puppies found

7 Abandoned Puppies Crying From Hunger Rescued From A Desolate Island After A Boater...

Junior Cook, a boater, was wending his way along the coast near a tiny uninhabited isle near Cross Keys in the Canadian province of...
7 newborn puppies owner arrested

Cruel Woman Taken Into Custody For Dumping 7 Newborn Puppies In Public Trash Can

A 54-year-old woman was arrested after surveillance camera outside a Napa Auto Parts outlet captured her dumping 7 pups into a trash can outside....

Bloggers From Poland Traveled 50+ Countries On The Old Van, Spending Only 8 Dollars...

Young travelers from Poland did not have too much money, but had a great desire to see the world. They bought an old van for...
grabs a dog

Employee At America’s ‘First Humane Pet Shop’ Grabs A Dog By Its Neck And...

We hesitate to even admonish our pets. So online viewers were naturally horrified at the video in which an employee angrily grabs a dog...
scared dog escape from car crash

Frightened Dog Escaped From A Car Crash Found And Reunited With Her Owner

When Amanda Henry's car crashed, it was not clear if she would survive or not. The crash was a major one - the crash...
dead dogs

Residents Unsettled After Witnessing Distressing Scenes Of Dead Dogs Dumped By The Roadside Everyday

Residents of a neighborhood are distressed at the sight of dogs being dumped regularly near their homes. Tammy Holton, a resident of this Northside...
kidnapped puppy

9-Week-Old Kidnapped Puppy Recovered And Brought Back To Animal Services In A Very Traumatized...

Pet adoption events are great. It's a place were many prospective owners try to give abused and traumatized dogs a second chance in life....

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Dogs allowed to

Dogs are allowed to..

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Are wolves just like dogs?

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Dog Training Tips: How to Train a Dog

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Battle your dog's fears

Battle your dog’s fears: reward-based method

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Train your dog to ride in the car

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My dog gets car sick

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Sit command

The “Sit” command

The “Sit” command is one of the most important commands in a dog’s life. That’s why it is crucial to teach your dog to...
freedoms of a dog

The 5 freedoms of a dog

Good life standards are a basis for good behavior. But what are these standards exactly? ⠀ It’s simple! There is an internationally recognized concept of pet...
Boredom bad for your dog

Boredom: why is it bad for your dog?

Boredom is usually a guest of dogs who live in an “impoverished” environment: those without enough stimulation. ⠀ If a dog’s life is a never-ending Groundhog...
break from training

A break from training

Researchers studying dogs’ learning abilities came to a curious conclusion. ⠀ 🐶If you want to form a strong skill that will last for a long time,...
dog off sleeping in your bed

Wean your dog off sleeping in your bed

Step 1. Place your dog’s bed next to yours in a way that would allow you to reach out your arm to pet your four-legged...