a stray dog freed a pet dog

Petey – This Beloved Dog – Died Of Suffocation While Trying To Eat The...

Having a pet is not a big deal. But taking good care and keeping them safe is a difficult task. Dogs are curious by...

Kindness Among Dogs: A Stray Dog Freed A Pet Dog In A Selfless Act

Freedom is dear to one and all, whether it be human or animal. This was proved when a stray dog freed a pet dog,...
puppy and mama cow

Puppy And Mama Cow Show That Friendship And Maternal Love Are Universal

Like us humans, animals too form good friendships. This puppy and mama cow duo is an example of this. Rookie is a pup whose...
loving dogs with college senior

Loving Dogs Accompanied This College Student On Senior Day Because He Lost His Parents

Within 18 months between 2017 and 2018, Josh Butler lost both his parents and was left all alone. Well, maybe, not all alone. In...
dog destroyed home

Naughty Dog Destroyed Home While Family Was Away

Imagine coming back from a party only to find your house literally ransacked. What would your first reaction be? Call the police maybe? But...
stranded husky

Husky Stranded On Balcony For 2 Weeks Without Water Or Food

Is it because dogs don’t say anything that we treat them however we feel like? Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending. But...
service dog

Service Dog Accompanying Autistic Child Denied Admission To Pet Shop: Shop Clerk Unrepentant

Lele Wisler aged 3, finds life difficult without Scooby, the service dog. The dog is specially trained to assist autistic children and accompanies her...
dogs at parking lot

Heartless Owner Abandoned Dogs In A Parking Lot In Delavan

Shoppers found two abandoned dogs in a parking lot of a Walmart store in Delavan. The dogs were rescued in a sorry state and...
dingo the police dog

Utah Lawmakers Triple Extent Of Punishment After Violent Fugitive Shoots Dead Police Dog

Torey Massey can now repent in leisure. The 30-year-old felon committed an act heinous enough for the legislature of the state of Utah to...
ruthlessly cropped his ears

Heartless Man Stole A Dog And Ruthlessly Cropped His Ears To Hide His Identity

When we see a cute doggo, we can’t help but think of having one with us as well. Who wouldn’t want to have such...

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food waste

Five star hotel in Abu Dhabi recycles their food waste to feed stray dogs

One of the global issues in the world now is food waste. People dump leftovers all of them even the good. There has been...
Boy Reads to Shelter Dogs

10-Year-Old Boy Reads to Shelter Dogs Every Weekend To Comfort Them

If all children have a big kind heart as Evan's, our future will be definitely brighter. Evan is a 10-year-old boy reads to shelter...

Dog Wagon Built By a Dog Dad So His Paralyzed Dog Can Go On...

Dog wagon for my sick dog? this the least we can do! Dogs give us unconditional love, they don't mind doing anything for us....

4 boys Rescue Abandoned Dog They Found Tied Up.

All people are able to make a significant contribution to their community. All in all, it just takes some attention to the weak and...

Meet Smudge, A Brave Dog Helps Rescue Koalas From Australian Wildfires

This hero dog helps rescue koalas and he did a very great job! Meet Smudge, the canine hero who wore fireproof boots to help...
Dog Sneaks Next Door

Every Night, Dog Sneaks Next Doors To Bathe With Her Favorite Neighborhood Kids

Ever seen a dog sneaks next doors to bath with her favorite friend? Aeida and Cashew are furry best friends, they are technically neighbors....

Dog Abandoned And Tied Up In Church With A ‘Sorry’ Note

Cracker, a dog abandoned and tied up in church, in Blackpool. With a message from his owner, “I love you and I’m so, so,...
English Mastiff

English Mastiff Completes Agility Course In Record Slow Time

Agility dogs are often fast and active, but that is not the case for one giant English Mastiff that completed an agility course with...
fighting cancer

Dad Takes Senior Dog fighting Cancer On His Final Walk To The Vet

Dale Thompson shared on Twitter the terrible moment of saying goodbye to his 14-year-old dog, Murphy. He was fighting cancer for a while. Saying...

Vet Spends The Night In A Freezing Doghouse To See How Dogs Suffer In...

It's not just us, humans, who suffer from winter's freezing weather. Our pets feel the same cold as well. So, it's important to know...
Dogs Kick Their Feet After

Why Do Dogs Kick Their Feet After They Poop?

Dogs are amazing. But every now and then, we discover some strange habits and behaviors they do. For instance, why dogs kick their feet...