grabs a dog

Employee At America’s ‘First Humane Pet Shop’ Grabs A Dog By Its Neck And...

We hesitate to even admonish our pets. So online viewers were naturally horrified at the video in which an employee angrily grabs a dog...

24 Pictures Of Famous Women With And Without Makeup

24 Pictures Of Famous Women With And Without Makeup Women in Hollywood have an unlimited supply of beauty specialists, makeup artists, hairstylists and photoshop to keep them looking...
7 newborn puppies owner arrested

Cruel Woman Taken Into Custody For Dumping 7 Newborn Puppies In Public Trash Can

A 54-year-old woman was arrested after surveillance camera outside a Napa Auto Parts outlet captured her dumping 7 pups into a trash can outside....


Why do some people look different from others? The answer is genetics. There are individuals born with some rare genetic conditions. Most of these...
dogs at parking lot

Heartless Owner Abandoned Dogs In A Parking Lot In Delavan

Shoppers found two abandoned dogs in a parking lot of a Walmart store in Delavan. The dogs were rescued in a sorry state and...
stranded husky

Husky Stranded On Balcony For 2 Weeks Without Water Or Food

Is it because dogs don’t say anything that we treat them however we feel like? Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending. But...
Staff kicking the dog

Staff Kicking A Dog At A Day-Care Captured On Camera Sheds Light On What...

A dog day-care center, Doggy Den, located in Sheffield has come under condemnation after a staff member was captured on camera kicking a large...

Driving Miss Norma: Woman Turns Down Cancer Treatment To Take Road Trip

>Norma, a 90-years old woman, got cancer of the uterus, when her husband Leo died. Instead of suggested treatment Norma decided that it's better to go travelling...
heroic pitbull passes away

A Heroic Pitbull Dies While Protecting His Family’s Children From A Poisonous Snake

Dogs are angels on our planet. If we go through books and literature, we might find many heroes who give up their life for...

Travel Around The World: Pretty Aussie Girl Brooke Saward Gets Paid For It

23-year-old Brooke Savard from Launceston (Tasmania) اhas been traveling around the world since January, 2014.  She has visited 6 continents and about 50 countries. Moreover, Brooke...

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Dogs allowed to

Dogs are allowed to..

Humans often tend to humanize their pets. We are touched by things they do that shouldn’t really be touching, and we get angry at...
wolves like dogs

Are wolves just like dogs?

Some say that dogs and wolves are not that different from each other, and that a wolf cub raised by humans will turn out...
Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips: How to Train a Dog

Some dogs lose their minds when they see their favorite toy. 🤪They start jumping, pulling on their human’s clothes, barking – anything to get...
Battle your dog's fears

Battle your dog’s fears: reward-based method

“Is your dog afraid of something? Maybe men or children? Let them feed him/her out of their hand. Is he/she afraid of the vacuum...
dog ride in the car

Train your dog to ride in the car

Some dog parents fear car rides with their furry companions: spending a long time negotiating with their dogs to get inside, constant barking and...
dog gets car sick

My dog gets car sick

My dog gets car sick: what to do? ⠀ Some dog parents regularly face this problem. Why does car sickness happen and how to help your...
Sit command

The “Sit” command

The “Sit” command is one of the most important commands in a dog’s life. That’s why it is crucial to teach your dog to...
freedoms of a dog

The 5 freedoms of a dog

Good life standards are a basis for good behavior. But what are these standards exactly? ⠀ It’s simple! There is an internationally recognized concept of pet...
Boredom bad for your dog

Boredom: why is it bad for your dog?

Boredom is usually a guest of dogs who live in an “impoverished” environment: those without enough stimulation. ⠀ If a dog’s life is a never-ending Groundhog...
break from training

A break from training

Researchers studying dogs’ learning abilities came to a curious conclusion. ⠀ 🐶If you want to form a strong skill that will last for a long time,...
dog off sleeping in your bed

Wean your dog off sleeping in your bed

Step 1. Place your dog’s bed next to yours in a way that would allow you to reach out your arm to pet your four-legged...