dogs are saving koalas in australia

Heroic Dogs Are Saving Koalas From The Terrifying Bush Fires In Australia

Australia is going through an extremely tough time as bush fires have been raging for the last few weeks. The smoke from the fire...
service dogs

Service Dogs Now Have A Home Thanks To New A Law That Allows Handlers...

One of the closest relationships in professional life is between dogs and their handlers. Their success depends on the bond between the two. But...

Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 6 Leaks – Warning: Lots of spoilers ahead

The Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 6 finale is almost here and every Game of Thrones fan already has their own theories and...

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Subway Sally

Stray Dog Nicknamed “Subway Sally” After Visiting Sandwich Chain Every Night For A Year

Street life is so hard. It leaves both animals and humans so hungry, cold and not sure where they can get their next meal. Sub...
flock of sheep

Dog Saves Flock Of Sheep From Blazing Australian Wildfire

More than half million animals have died in the Australian wildfires that is still flaming at the country. People all over the world are...

Puppy Abandoned At Park With Note From ‘Santa’ Taped To His Fur

Children usually write letters to Santa at the end of the year asking him for things and even ask him for dogs. So, It...
Service Dog

Service Dog Goes Wild Over ‘Up’ Dog At Disney World

“I have just met you and I love you.” Jessica Paulsen took her Service dog Henry on a recent trip to Disney World, and...

Dog Siblings Adopted From Russia Have Chance Reunion 4,000 Miles Away.

We all saw movies about siblings who lost each other long time ago. And after a while, they find each other in such a...

Aussie Loves To Go Sledding And Even Carries Her Own Sled Up The Hill

Australian Shepherds AKA Aussies are very clever dogs. As a result, they need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Secret, is an Aussie...

Bride Includes Rescue Pugs In Wedding Ceremony To Honor Late Brother.

Couples are usually using their wedding parties to honor their lost loved people. And this bride included pugs in her wedding to honor her brother....
The Overtoun Bridge

The Mystery Behind Dogs Jumping Off The Overtoun Bridge

The nineteenth-century Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton of Scotland is known as the "dog suicide bridge". It is rather sad that such a beautiful bridge...
dog abandoned

CCTV Camera Catches A Dog Chasing The Vehicle That Had Dumped Her

In a shocking incident, a CCTV camera recorded a dog chasing the vehicle that left her there. Honey, a Labrador-mix, was faced with an...
stuck dog

Firefighters Rescue Stuck Dog Who Came To Regret Chasing Cat Up A Tree

Cats love climbing trees. So, firefighters are used to rescue indocile cats who always get hanged in high tree branches. But a stuck dog...
terminal cancer

French Mastiff With Terminal Cancer Finally Finds A Loving Home To Spend The Rest...

A 5-year-old French mastiff named Mae has had a rough life, but loves everyone she meets. She arrived at Southern Indiana Animal Rescue severely malnourished...