Evil Man Paints Dog Green With Toxic Paint, Leaves it Without Food or Water

I could never really understand how people can be so evil. A dog in Malaysia was the victim of a horrific act by an...

Pitbull Never Leaves The Side Of Lost Three-Year-Old Boy

Pitbull is man's best friend, and also a child's guardian. A family Pitbull named Buddy followed his three-year-old kid when he strayed into the forested...
Dog Borrowing Baby's Rocker Seat To Rock Her Toy

Mom Catches Dog Borrowing Baby’s Rocker Seat To Rock Her Favorite Toy

This cute dog is called Hijinks. She can't say the "I love you". but she's knows new ways to show it. What about trying...
dog owners

Michigan City Passes Ordinance To Crack Down On Owners That Treat Their Dogs Like...

Dog owners in many places use their animals and they treat them like trash. In Eastpointe, Michigan passed new statutes that help protect dogs....
dog was dragged alongside a scooter

Two Women Rescue Dog Was Dragged Alongside A Scooter In Vietnam

Not all heroes wear capes. These two women saw a dog was dragged alongside a scooter by an unmerciful man in Vietnam, and instantly...

Dog Abandoned And Tied Up In Church With A ‘Sorry’ Note

Cracker, a dog abandoned and tied up in church, in Blackpool. With a message from his owner, “I love you and I’m so, so,...
English Mastiff

English Mastiff Completes Agility Course In Record Slow Time

Agility dogs are often fast and active, but that is not the case for one giant English Mastiff that completed an agility course with...
fitness class

Golden Retriever Joined A Fitness Class And Does Crunches Better Than Most People

All people aim to get in shape, but most of them lack motivation. So, this adorable golden retriever joined a fitness class and it...
dogs never die, they are just sleeping in our hearts

Beaten Up Homeless Man Passed Away With The Dog Beside Him

Juan Diego Sebastian was a homeless living in Florida. He was assaulted by an unknown person one day when he was sitting in a...
dog sought the attention of fellow passengers

Ignored By His Owner, Dog Sought The Attention Of Fellow Passengers

Every dog owner must know one thing that their dog wants the most- attention of their master. Dogs are very social beings and can’t...

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King's Harvest Animal Shelter

King’s Harvest Animal Shelter temporarily closes, all dogs adopted

Davenport, Iowa (KWQC) - King's Harvest Animal Shelter adopted out all of its dogs by the time it closed its doors on Sunday afternoon...

Ethanol, Found In Most Hand Sanitizers, Is Toxic If Ingested In Large Quantities By...

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are washing their hands more and the use of hand sanitizers has drastically expanded. Hand sanitizers guarantee to 'kill...

Dog Adopts Infant Monkey After Locals Poisoned Its Mother

Dogs give unconditional love. Not only for their families or other dogs but also for other animals. Moreover, a pregnant dog in northern India...

COVID-19 and Your Pet — What You Need to Know

Except if you've been visiting another planet throughout the previous barely any months. However, I'm sure you're aware of the COVID-19 outbreak that began...

Narwhal the “Unicorn” Puppy Absorbed His Twin, Probably

You may have seen that photo went viral on the internet featuring a pup like a unicorn with a tail growing out of its head....

Animal Abusive Staff Member Repeatedly Kicking Dog in Stomach

The Doggy Den in Sheffield, UK is enduring an onslaught after a video was discharged showing one of the animal abusive staff members kicking...
senior dog

Exercising Senior Dogs

I get a ton of inquiries regarding how the satisfaction equation. Exercise, Discipline, at that point Affection, changes as a dog's age and doesn't...
smartest breeds

10 Of The Smartest Dog Breeds

Pack Leaders consistently need to accept that their dog is the sharpest on the square and keeping in mind that this might be valid,...

Vet Warns Dog Owners To Not Feed Your Pet Corn On The Cob

With summer just a couple of months away, I'm certain there are a lot of us who are daydreaming about lawn grills and pool...
Blue-Green Algae In Lakes Is Killing Dogs

Blue-Green Algae In Lakes Is Killing Dogs

With the mid-year months practically around the bend, the coming warming temperatures make us anticipate spending time outside with our four-legged closest companions. In...

Blind Chicken And Pit Bull Are Best Friends That Do Everything Together

Chickens get somewhat of negative criticism. The vast majority don't consider chickens to be being wise or aware animals. However, they really are. So...