Chinese administrations are rushing to find a way to stop the coronavirus from spreading. Yet their last effort is not justified.

The excessively infectious virus has already killed 490 people in China with no appeared end.

Over 20,000 people have been infected in the world. However, no dogs or cats have the virus.


China’s top master for irresistible sicknesses, Prof. Li Lanquan, warned pet owners that the disease might infect dogs and cats. However, the World Health Organization claims there is no proof that animals can get it.

Since the coronavirus is another string, there are numerous questions and nearby specialists are frantic for an answer. Out of horror, numerous regions as of late advised pet owners to ‘manage’ their pets or hazard having them winnowed. In excess of 10,000 pets are in danger of execution.

“They have also been warned by officials that any spotted outside would be caught, killed and buried on the spot,” reports MetroUK.

The main source of the infection came from a live market in the city of Wuhan. They have briefly shut it. While an animal is the source of the infection, authorities despite everything haven’t discovered which species. In any case, that doesn’t legitimize murdering blameless animals if they could contract and spread the infection.


Humane Society International’s China Policy Specialist, Dr. Peter Li, told MailOnline, “This is not the right approach for local authorities in China to deal with the national crisis. Companion animals did not contribute to the outbreak of SARS in 2002-2003. They do not have anything to do with the Wuhan epidemic.”


Besides the danger of the separation whenever found outside, a large number of dogs and cats can’t find any source of food or water. And just starve in their homes. Fortunately, one man known as “Old Cat” is breaking into homes to nourish starving pets.