Death is a natural part of life. But there are certain things we can do for the dying which can be beneficial for them. One such thing is making sure that they are not alone when they give up their last breath. Janine Guido is such a person. She met Watson, a shelter dog, and they clicked immediately. She is also the founder of the Speranza Animal Rescue. Caring for animals comes naturally to her.

shelter dog cancer

Watson, a homeless pitbull, was discovered in a park. He was all alone when the college student met him. The shelter dog had painful sores over his entire body and a tumor on its hind leg. He was really hungry too. Guido took him to a vet. But the vet gave her a piece of terrible news. Watson was beyond recovery. The dog had cancer and it has already spread out. He had limited time.

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supporting shelter dog

The news broke Guido. However, for the time being, she ensured that the homeless pitbull gets enough care in a local shelter. Watson became a dying shelter dog.

However, Guido did not leave Watson. She felt that there was another bad news coming in. She just did not want to leave her beloved dog when she was having such an ominous feeling. He needed her now more than ever. So, Guido began to comfort the dog. He needed someone to stay beside him while he heaved out his few final breaths. Guido gathered up a few blankets and arranged a dog bed for the pitbull. She kept him close to her and decided to spend the entire night with him.

cancer shelter dog

That night, under the comfort of Guido, Watson slept peacefully. Guido cried the entire night.

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The next morning, Watson was seen circling around the entire room. He had not started drinking or eating. He knew he was about to die. But Guido was not going to leave him.

supporting shelter dog

Eventually, the dog did give up his last breath.

Guido is grateful that she was the one to give a tight hug to this dying shelter dog before he passed over.

Credit: Facebook/Speranza Animal Rescue