Young travelers from Poland did not have too much money, but had a great desire to see the world. They bought an old van for $ 600, painted it, loaded with tents and food supplies and hit the road. This couple has visited more than 50 countries and traveled about 150 000 kilometers on five continents for 6 years. They never paid the rent and spent just 8 dollars per day.

Take a look at their story in photos.

We are young bloggers from Poland and travel around the world on a van.

We wanted to see the world, but didn’t have enough money, so we bought an old van for $ 600 and turned it into a vehicle for traveling.

We took tents and food supplies and hit the road.

We have visited more than 50 countries for 6 years

We saw beautiful cliffs of Grand Canyon…

and breathtaking lupine field in Iceland

We bathed in hot springs of Iceland …

made selfies in the most incredible places …

saw Valley of Fire in the United States . . .

and celebrated Christmas in a van


We never paid for housing. We slept on beaches, cliffs and mountains


Blog about our adventures became popular in Poland, and other travelers joined us

Countries We’ve met a lot of people, who changed our opinion about life


Finally, we got engaged in the Sahara Desert



Video Source: Busem Przez Świat | Wehikuł Podróżniczy