A missing dog story had a happy ending for this couple from Denver. Their stolen SUV with the dog inside was found after they drove to an apartment on receiving an anonymous tip. Patty Meronk almost lost her dog when the SUV was stolen with their dog Lily inside.

1-year-old Lily is a Brittany and she was in the black 2008 Honda CR-V SUV that was stolen on Monday from downtown Denver. Shane and Patty were devastated by the news. The family contacted FOX31 Problem Solvers to transmit the news and also offered $1,000 for any information leading to her rescue.

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Patty received a tip on Saturday just after midnight. Patty and Shane Meronk, her husband, drove to Centennial. Inside a building complex, they found the stolen SUV with the dog inside.

They were overjoyed and did not care how tired they both were. Lily looked out of the SUV as though she wanted to know what she was doing alone in the car.

Police found the license number had been tampered with and have seized the SUV. They are looking for fingerprints.

Lily was exhausted, thirsty and hungry but otherwise okay. She recovered quickly and was in great spirits. Patty thanked FOX31’s report. The couple believes that it was the initial reporting by the channel about the stolen SUV with the dog inside that finally led them to Lily. That report was the only piece of news which carried the phone number where the tip was received.

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Patty is overjoyed and says that she and her husband can never express in words the gratitude they felt for all the support and the prayers they received.