The spotted coyote caused New York dog owners tense as it was confirmed it is there at the Central Park of Manhattan, CBS News reports.

Six weeks ago, a man walking his dog in the park first spotted the animal. However, on Saturday in the same place, a 70-pound Goldendoodle (Rufus) chased the animal in the park after 9 p.m

Resident Terry Meehan told neighborhood newspaper The West Side Rag stated that his dog (Rufus) saw it first and chased it, but he stopped his dog and chained him, once he did, the coyote aggressively approached us. Also, he tried to distract it by throwing a stick on his direction to repel it but it didn’t work.

Also, in March, there was a report near the same area.

Generally, coyotes live in Bronx near suburbs and north Manhattan; but it’s not common to live in the middle of Manhattan. But the sighting of coyotes in the city nowadays is increasing. It reached 62 since 2016! 36 of them since December, and 15 of them in Manhattan only! Reported 1010 WINS radio

People don’t always provide us with the specific location where they saw the coyote, and sometimes they report us many times for the same animal. However, a volunteer for the Central Park Conservancy stated that officials approved there are one or two coyotes now in the park.

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According to the police, last year, a coyote spotted running in a highway in the Midtown of Manhattan.

It was captured and transported to “appropriate habitat”.
Officials insist to make pet owners to keep their pets leashed and if they see a coyote to stay distant from them, and to yell and wave with their arms if it approaches. Although coyotes typically feed on mice and squirrels, but a park full of humans and pets will be attractive for them to attack!