Animal rescue workers from Watchdog Thailand and Pathum Thani Livestock Development Office’s Animal Welfare got a call about a dog breeding farm where the dogs were abandoned.

Since the reports sounded terrible, the two teams worked the couple to attack the property. And they wanted to spare the dogs from the danger they are in.

Moreover, when the shelter’s workers showed up at the dog breeding farm, what they saw made them appalled. They couldn’t accept what they were seeing. They’d seen nothing this careless or terrible in for their entire lives.

They discovered 13 dead Great Danes were thrown in small pens.

Also, the dogs were not in good health. They were keeping and would bite the dust from ailing health except if the rescue workers accomplished something rapidly. A dog had as of now died with two little dogs.

abandoned dogs in a Breeding Farm

The breeding farm owner who was a lady, couldn’t mind less that her dogs were dying on her watch. She saw the animals like a farmer sees grain or corn – only aware that she could auction and let the new owner manage them.

So, she didn’t even care about the dogs. She told veterinarian Kangwan Thirathamrong. She simply needed to transform them into money.

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Great Danes might be large yet they have the kindest hearts too. Extraordinary Danes make for great pets that you can give everybody in the house love.

Also, these poor pups were treated with such scorn that they were dying under her supervision. That is the reason the move will be made against the abusive raiser.

However, The Department of Livestock Development Deputy Director-General Somchuan Rattanamangkhalanon said the lady would be accused of animal abuse. The Great Danes were in rough shape and the manner in which the lady treated them damaged Thailand’s Cruelty Prevention and Welfare Animal Act.

Luckily, the suffering dogs were given the consideration they expected to improve. Presently they’ll be going up for appropriation so they can discover loving homes.