Fireworks are a source of enjoyment for humans but for dogs and other animals, it becomes nothing short of torture. They have an acute sense of hearing, and loud noises can be extremely stressful. And puppies are even more vulnerable. Fireworks were responsible for the death of a cute puppy, barely 18 weeks old in the lower Darfield area of South Yorkshire. It had a heart attack terrified by the fireworks and unable to bear the loud bangs.

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The tragic news was shared on Wombwell Wise, a public Facebook group. Susan Paterson posted about the tragic incident. She said her 18-week-old terrier, Molly, was terrified of the loud explosions in the area of South Yorkshire.

cute puppy held

The devastated owner wrote a heartfelt post. She beseeched people to think of the poor animals. She lost Molly as she was terrified by the fireworks.

She also pleaded to people to sign a petition, started by Julie Doorne, for a full review of all laws on fireworks as they cause physical and psychological damage to animals. Around 535,000 people have already signed. She also wants people to follow the FAB Anti random Firework page.

Julie feels that there is a need for an immediate review of all laws related to fireworks and their use. 40-45% of all animals are severely affected by loud noises from fireworks.  The cute puppy who died terrified by the fireworks would have been saved if the rules had been more stringent. She says that all pets and livestock are affected.

cute puppy

The petition demands that the 2003 Fireworks Act and also the 2004 Fireworks Regulations should consider restricting and reducing the use of firecrackers.

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A debate was initiated on fireworks safety, in the Parliament in January 2018 but little progress has been made. But then it is not just the duty of the government to prevent such tragedy. The death of the cute puppy due to the fireworks is a tragedy that will recur if we do not do something about it as responsible citizens.

You can sign the petition too.

Credit: Susan Paterson