Meghan Specksgoor, of Midlothian, Virginia went to a trip and asked her father to babysit her dog ‘Chance’. Larry, her father and 4-year-old Chance had so much fun together and they sent Meghan hilarious texts to keep her updated.Hilarious Texts


Meghan laughed so hard seeing these hilarious texts so she posted them on Twitter. The tweet went viral with more that 52k retweets. You’ll know why now.

hilarious text
dad sends his daughter hilarious text of her dog

In the first text, her father wrote to her, “Grandpa wants to know what kind of take-out I can have? We are starving.”

Hilarious Texts

“Hate to keep bothering you mom, but we really need to hang out with gramps more,” Larry wrote in another text, with a picture of Chance enjoying time with his grandpa at the park.

Hilarious Texts


Larry took Chance to get his nails clipped, and then gives him a treat of some frozen yogurt. And at the end of the happy day, Larry let Chance sleep with him on his comfy bed. They seem to love each other so much!

Hilarious Texts


Meghan is very lucky having a father who is an animal lover whom she can trust leaving her pup with. We all worry about our pets leaving them with sitters but she didn’t have to worry! He keeps her updated and takes a good care of him! Such an amazing dad and grandpa!Hilarious Texts


Megan says that although he’s a good doggy grandpa who loves Chance so much. But he also wants human grandchildren so bad! She is sure he will pamper them just like he does with Chance!