We all have the heebie-jeebies while watching horror films or reading horror novels. And a few among us tend to get more scared than others. Well, now it seems, our furry friends are no different! Meet this cute Jack Russell Terrier watching a horror movie and his reactions are priceless!

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Maylo was watching “The Conjuring” with his parent and a particularly scary scene came up. The not so brave hearts among us always seek for cover when we can feel some major scene coming up. They tend to shake us to our core, especially when it’s a particularly well-made movie like “The Conjuring”.

This Jack Russell Terrier watching a horror movie is first seen intently staring at the TV. The camera alternates between the screen and the dog, trying to capture his reactions to the scenes. The dog seems to be enjoying the movie until… no, for that you have to watch the video below.

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This doggo’s reaction is really cute and let’s not deny, even we were quite scared when we witnessed this scene the first time, right? This video of the Jack Russell Terrier watching a horror movie is now going viral and for all the right reasons too! Maylo is all of us watching horror movies and trying our best to hide from the scary ghosts!