Do fairytales for dogs exist? Perhaps they do. Fairytales are nothing but positive stories coming true. If we can develop a great connection with someone, we can bring magic into their lives and into our lives. And eventually, we will develop a fairytale out of the lives of one another. That is the magical connection that took place between this man and this deaf puppy.

Nick Abbott is a born-deaf person. One day, he came across a post that was disheartening. But then, it seems a lucky coincidence that he came across this post. It was a Facebook post of a deaf puppy, Emerson. He was was a rescue dog from NFR in Maine.

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Emerson was just 6 weeks old. He had the terrible K-9 Pappa virus. The K-9 Pappa virus can cause seizures in dogs and is quite fatal, if not treated. Emerson had developed hearing problems and the vet confirmed it, as mentioned by Lindsay Powers.

UPDATE: Adopted!! Please see our page for his adoption story! :)Our Sweet boy Emerson is still looking for his forever…

Posted by NFR Maine on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The siblings of Emerson quickly found a home but Emerson was left behind. His disability made him a difficult dog to be adopted.

But the deaf puppy did not have to wait for long. One day, Abbott visited Emerson and he just came and sat beside him. It was as if he picked Abbott. There was an immediate connection. Abbott knew that he had to adopt this deaf puppy.

The most wonderful thing is that Abbott has taught his deaf puppy to understand sign language. Now, Emerson can sit down whenever Abbott makes an S in air. He will also lie down when Abbott makes a sweeping hand gesture.

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When Nick teases Emerson by shaking his earlobe, he would bark cutely. The deaf puppy is really special and for Abbott, they have developed a special bonding. The connection was meant to be.