Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, while the rest get bad luck in their quota. This is the story of Gracie, a disabled puppy who was discarded by her owners. The puppy was then rescued, but in an extremely squalid state- maggots on her head, no hair beneath her eyes, and no front legs. While little was known about her previous life, people knew she was in for a hard time.

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The Turley family finally adopted her, but there was a problem. Gracie was quite young, and hence not fit for wheelchairs just yet, so her mobility was a big question mark. This was quite problematic and confusing for the family which had already provided shelter to a dog who was paralyzed and a three-legged Chihuahua.

disabled puppy in a lego wheelchair

This was until Dylan, a 12 years old kid decided to do something about the disabled puppy. He built a Lego wheelchair that could be adjusted accordingly. Gracie would keep increasing in size, and it would prove essential to increase the size of the wheelchair. Finally, Gracie took her first steps in this wheelchair.

Gracie, the disabled puppy finally grew up quite happy along with her siblings, in a ‘grown’ wheelchair. She is greatly taken care of.

But she would still be heavily grateful to the first Lego wheelchair that she had, which Dylan had made for her. Dogs don’t forget anything- especially abused dogs who have been shown kindness. From a life filled with abuse, scorn, and disgust, this disabled puppy is finally living the life that she fully deserves- security, happiness, and comfort.

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As humans, the least we can do is take lessons from this story and make sure that kindness is shown to every living, breathing creature upon this Earth. Just because we own them, doesn’t give us the right to abuse them.