A distressing video has surfaced that shows some men preparing to force a tube down a dog’s throat. The person who has taken the video says that the men were preparing to pour drain water and fatten up the struggling animal before selling it to be butchered for dog meat.

The video was taken by volunteers from Fight Dog Meat, a charity fighting against the butchering of dogs and the consumption of dog-meat.

dog meat

The distressing video shows the five men preparing to force a pipe down a dog’s throat to pour sewer water down its stomach. The men were allegedly trying to increase the dog’s weight before selling the dog for slaughtering. The video shows the white and yellow mongrel being held down to prevent it from escaping. The rescue staff says that the dog had a collar around its neck, indicating that it was a pet and had been abducted. The person taking the film was detected and had to escape.

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dog meat

It is believed that the painful incident took place in Vietnam. Dog meat is still consumed in China, South Korea, and Vietnam, though charities and rescue groups are trying to persuade the government to stop this horrific trade.

Last year Hanoi banned dog meat, the first city in Vietnam to do so. Animal rights groups welcomed the move.

dog meat

A large gang of dog thieves is believed to operate across Saigon, the capital of Vietnam. One large gang of organized dog thieves was busted and a large number of gang members were arrested. They had been in operation for years. They have admitted to stealing thousands of dogs in the first 6 months of this year. Over the years they have owned up to butchering dogs that yielded hundreds of tons of dog meat for consumption.


Based in Australia, The animal welfare charity Fight Dog Meat, is striving to transform the meat industry and to assuage the suffering of innocent animals and make our world a better place. They are staffed by animal lovers passionate about their mission and have branches throughout Australia.

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dog meat

The charity works for reforms in animal welfare and to put an end to animal suffering. They are also fighting to raise awareness for cats and dogs being butchered as part of the cat and dog meat trade.