Being an animal advocate for a quite long time, i admit that they have beaten us BIG time when it comes to friendship. I’ve been in this endless search trying to answer the “Why”, and it’s been lingering there for some good time. They are incredibly adorable especially when this friendship occurs inter-racial -like in in this video- between a doberman and a Horse.

Apparently this duo spend a hell lotta fun-time together and they are rocking and rolling it!

In this video, you’ll be amazed by the great harmony and special moments these two share. They stick together, go on long walks and picnics, the best part is: they nuzzle and cuddle! So sweet to each other, respecting yet appreciating their differences. Does it ring a bell?? The formula for a perfect friendship that you do not encounter every day.
They relentlessly try to make each other feel good putting each other back on track, wondering how? This Doberman pulls the horse’s leash taking him on short walks to enjoy some fresh air and on the other hand -when the dog is not in his best shape- without a second thought, the horse starts snuggling and cuddling his life time friend.

So seriously folks, quit your tireless search for a perfect friendship, this duo are my new FRIENDSHIP GOALS!

Video Source : leslie stark