The dog is the only creature that loves us unconditionally. However, their love can be given to other creatures as well. In Northern India, a pregnant dog adopted an orphaned baby monkey after its mom has been poisoned with many more adult monkeys by some heartless people. So, the dog’s instinct appeared when he saw the little monkey crying.

Photographer, Prakash Badal, took cute photos of them when he spotted them while taking photos of birds at the same place. The dog’s unconditional love and compassion moved the photographer and he spent a day capturing pictures of the pair and letting the baby monkey to nap in his lap.

mother dog and baby monkey

Badal posted, “Brown’s lap started flowing rivers of milk for this little monkey.”mother dog and baby monkey

The new mother was so compassionate and patient with the little monkey when it was climbing and playing around her all over the place. Brown is a very great mother to Bajrangi and she is proving that there is no love like a mother’s love.mother dog and baby monkey

After searching and having a good time with the cute pair. Badal said, “Although sometimes there are conflicts between monkeys and dogs. The relationship of a mother is more important.

“I felt that when a mother saw a baby who is very small. And was left alone and there is nobody to take care of him. The maternal instinct took the initiative to adopt a small baby even if it’s from different species.

“This type of relationship is a lesson for humans who have become selfish and kill each other just because he is from another religion.”

We have to learn love, compassion, and patience from animals. Watch the video below