A man was caught on video driving a scooter with an unlikely passenger. This rolled to the internet and gained popularity just minutes after it was uploaded.

a man was driving his way back to home after a long day work  when something in the road caught his attention. It was a tiring day but it seemed that it was swiftly taken away by what he saw.

He then grabbed his phone out and took a video of it then uploaded it in the internet. Certainly, this dog acts like human riding on the back of its owner.

This dog even managed to hold the umbrella while he is calmly sitting at the back of the scooter. Check this out.

I bet the dog has his wallet, too, so when this guy orders a drink, he just snaps his fingers and the dog deposits the exact change right there on the bar. It’s hard to tell where exactly this was shot, but I suspect it may be in Thailand.