When dogs get attached to somebody, it is difficult to break this attachment. We’ve heard of endless stories where a dog demonstrates their undying loyalty to a person by walking for a significant distance to hit them up or waiting for a considerable length of time outside a hospital, and so on. Just like this loyal dog, he ran away from his forever home to search for his foster mom! What can we say? Dogs are only the best, most loyal animals out there. And one little dog named Geoffrey is not a different case.

dog ran away to find his foster mom

This adorable little person was in the caring foster care of his foster mom. He had built up a special bond with her. It was so special to him, that when he was adopted, he would not really like to go.

Obviously, his foster mom was excited for him, but little Geoffrey wasn’t. He adored his mom so much, that when he was taken to his forever home, he wound up fleeing in favor of his foster mom – and that is when he got lost.

His foster mom had gotten a call saying that he’d flee and been hit by a car – after which he’d disappeared. Naturally, she was concerned and set out to find him. She was desperate to find the lost Geoffrey when she got another call about a dog covered up inside a warehouse.

Assuming it was in fact Geoffrey, she made her way to the warehouse and discovered him. And the gathering is one that will pull at your heartstrings.

Watch the magical get-together video for the dog and his foster mom:

Source Link: The Dodo