On a Monday morning, along River Trent, near Long Lane, a woman spotted a dog struggling to survive drowning. Some heartless people tied the dog’s leash to a heavy rock and tossed her in the river. She almost drowned. The woman came in the right time and managed to drag her out and then called Nottinghamshire Police.

Heavy Rock
Heavy rock

Nottinghamshire Police stated: “Bella was found with a carrier bag containing a large rock tied to her lead. We are lucky that the kind member of the public found and rescued her. Whilst the dog is still quite poorly she has been showing some encouraging signs by eating so hopefully she will be on the mend.”

Bella is her name in the microchip, and she’s in a local vet now. She’s taken care of, eating well and in good spirits.

Heavy Rock


Two people were arrested for this case on suspicion of animal cruelty the same day of the investigations. 32-year old man, and 31-year old woman.

“Britain is undoubtedly a nation of animal lovers, which has been demonstrated by the overwhelming support we have received from members of the public to help Bella and assist our officers with their investigation into this particularly sad case,” said Heather Sutton, an inspector in the Nottinghamshire Police department.

Heavy Rock

“We would like to thank members of the public for their help in this investigation and our inquiries are continuing. We are pleased to say Bella is doing well in veterinary care and we plan to find her a foster home soon,” said a spokesperson for the RSPCA

The police was grateful for people’s help, and reminded them that the investigation is still ongoing. “While we have made two arrests, I would continue to encourage anyone with any information to come forward to police as soon as possible.”

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Watch sweet Bella devour a bowl of dog food in the video below as she continues to recover.

Bella is now recovering, watch her eating in her bowl as she didn’t eat from a while.