Dogs make amazing companions. Growing up as a lonely child, my dog was an incredible substitute for a companion. In any case, most dogs can just truly mess around as they bring. However, this dog is an incredibly capable minimal game ace. A valuable cockapoo named Percy turned into a web sensation on the web by flaunting her game aptitudes – she beat her owner at a round of Connect 4.

connect 4

Percy’s owner, Sarah Shapiro-Ward who fills in as an educator with Toronto’s When Hounds Fly Positive Dog Training, is heard in the video telling Percy, “Go pick your piece.”

At that point, the charming little dog gets a yellow game piece, dropping it in the focal point of the framework.

Sarah at that point praises, “Decent opening move, Perce!”

Despite the fact that she needed to consistently advise Percy when the ball was in his court, the upbeat little dog demonstrated that he could keep up, venturing to hinder Sarah’s moves and make his own countermoves.

connect 4

Notwithstanding, Percy did, at a certain point, remove somewhat more than he could bite in the game. He got three yellow circles however he was unable to drop them in. He missed them all with the exception of one.

Also, as his owner tongue in cheek brought up, “Goodness! you got three. That is unquestionably cheating.”

While it may be cheating, we would all be able to concur he’s the world’s cutest con artist.

At last, Percy wound up dominating the match after he got four of his yellow bits in a vertical line.

“Goodness, great job,” Sarah complimented. “Pleasant win!”

Despite the fact that he may appear to be a game ace and a Connect 4 common, Sarah uncovered that Percy really doesn’t have the memory abilities it takes to be an ace strategist.

As she uncovered to New York Post, “When the token has gone in, he doesn’t have any acquaintance with it’s in there any longer. Be that as it may, he gets a kick out of the chance to play, so I cheer him on.”

In any case, obviously little Percy is having a ton of fun. You can observe a greater amount of Percy playing Connect 4 on his Instagram page, @Prancing_Percy.

Watch the amazing video below:

Source: Caters Clips