All good things come to those who wait A funny dog invaded a soccer pitch in Gori, Georgia and was all too willing to roll over for a nice belly rub.

The funny dog is a black Labrador breed have to much energy and suddenly bounded on to the grass in the middle of a National Football League match, distracting the players as it ran around the pitch in Gori, Georgia.

as we don’t know where the dog came from, or even how it came to be on the pitch, but it looked like the dog is so happy and it was having a great time.

Check out the playful pooch here:

Though it caused some disruption, I bet the footballers were secretly pleased about the short breather they got when the dog tried to join in the game.

Plus, the score was 0-0 at the time, so I’m sure the furry pitch invader provided all the hopeful supporters with a bit of a pick-me-up.