A very cheeky dog has recently made headlines upon sitting in the front passenger side of her owner’s car beside her mistresses husband. The dog seemed to have the intention of showing her mistress that competition for her husband’s affection was quite serious. Carissa, the dog’s mistress was forced to take the back seat, when the golden retriever, Lucy who was very pleased climbed onto the front passenger seat and sat beside Jacob, Carissa’s husband.

The strange but humorous footage shows the cheeky dog beaming from ear to ear as she stretched out her sly paw to reach out for Carissa’s husband while triumphantly flashing a smirking at Carissa. The possessive expression on Lucy’s little face says a lot about her joy of competing for Jacob’s attention while Carissa bursts out in laughter. In a very short time, the footage of the possessive mat went viral with the originally uploaded video having over one hundred thousand views so far. It seems that people have fallen for Lucy’s antics and her smug face.

Comments from throngs of people who have so far watched the video continue to stream in steadily with some sympathizing with Lucy’s attention seeking ways while some just found the whole situation to be too hilarious. Some fans of Lucy the attention seeking dog shared their own experiences with their dogs competing for the affection of their spouse.

Dog holds Husband's Hand In Front Of Car

"Our dog makes me sit in the back so she can hold my husband's hand…" 😂😂Sniffr Media

Posted by UNILAD on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Dogs have boundary issues when it comes to their owners which especially rears itself when people start dating. According to Match.com chief advisor, Dr. Helen Fisher’s comments on The New York Times, Lucys antics could indicate that the man at the center of it the attention seeking row is caring, naturing and out giving which is a strong mating signal. It is clear tha the dog will continue to receive adoration from fans across the globe due to her competition for attention from Jacob.