This dog mourns his friend was one of the most heartbreaking pictures in the pet world. It also tells us a lot about how compassionate they are. This picture tore millions of people’s hearts. This Labrador Retriever was the first page’s picture in every newspaper across the country. The loyal friend was griefing his lifetime companion.
Therefore,  At the funeral of Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson, people noticed this faithful best friend lying next to his friend. 1500 people were mourning saw this heart tearing scene. This dog proved that he is loyal to his master until the end. He didn’t even want to move away from him. So, the picture tells us a lot about dogs’ love and the amazing relationship between us and them. It also gives us a background about the amazing owner, he must have been very kindhearted and compassionate and an unconditional love giver.
dog mourns his friend

Image via Lisa Pembleton/Getty Images

Source: WPTV News | West Palm Beach Florida