A week ago, very early on, a startling guest walked around the entryways of the  Odessa Police Station in Texas and bounced up onto the counter.

It was a friendly puppy who appeared to be anxious to tell officials of an episode in progress — that somebody, in particular, had disappeared from home.

He, himself.

dog reporting himself missing  in police station

However, Sergeant Rusty Martin was among the officials there to get him, taking note of that the little guy showed up none excessively troubled by his “lost pooch” status. For the most part, he just appeared to be out for a decent time — and he got one.

“We were completely eager to have him in the structure,” Martin disclosed to The Dodo. “We had a tennis ball and tossed it in the entryway for a piece. Everybody cherished on him.”

dog reporting himself missing  in police station

Clearly choosing he’d been “missing” sufficiently long, the pooch made a beeline for his family, completely all alone.

“He ran out similarly as fast as he came in,” Martin stated, having posted about the episode on Facebook. “The proprietor reacted the following day [to state that] it was his canine and he had to get back. He lives about a mile from the station.”

Police StationThe pooch, who’s named Chico, had split his first case — yet one of his own plan.

“I was shocked,” Martin said. “He may simply be ready to deal with this work.”

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