Southern Indiana Animal Rescue rescued a Dachshund mix called Napoleon, who was in a very bad condition! The dog does not stop from being sassy, regardless suffering from mild dwarfism and megaesophagus, a medical condition.

You can see in the video below Napoleon’s mama does let him sit in her lap while she is driving. But the stubborn pup starts sulking and whining as he wants to sit in his mama’s lap.

Dog Throws A Sassy Tantrum

But the mama’s important priority is the safety, so, she just gives him a cold shoulder! But that is not enough for Napoleon, who goes throws a full-blown temper tantrum with stubborn barks and aggressive growls!

Dog Throws A Sassy Tantrum

However, the mama tells him “You are so bad.” But I will not give you what you want! So, the pup decides to bark sadly and stare at his mama with deep pup eyes. How cute!

Watch the video below.

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