Bostick managed to make the Dog Train with some barrels and wheels.

His dogs loved the idea so much, they have so much fun going to trips with him on the Dog train.

Eugene Bostick, an 80 year old man who lives with his family in East Fort Worth, Texas. Bostick stated that many people abandoned their dogs and left them homeless to die alone in the streets.


After hebretired, Bostick and his family decided to take care of animals on his land and they spent a lot of time rescuing animals. They feed animals, take care of them, take them to the veterinarian. But for Bostick, that wasn’t enough. So, he decided to build a Dog Train to his friends to take them out!

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Even he’s 80, but Bostick is very active and life loving, he invented this Dog Train as dogs numbers increased and it’s hard for him to take them to trips so he came up with a vehicle to carry them all in one time.



People stop him to take pictures with his invention whenever they see him. I think this is the best retirement job ever!

Also people can support this amazing man by donating here