It was a cold October morning in Georgia, and Taka, a 9-year-old dog, slept on the screened-in porch of his owners’ house. Everything seemed quiet, but little did Taka knew that soon would be startled awake by an inferno, which had caught the whole house on fire. The owners of Taka had managed to escape the fire and get out of their house unscathed. But the huge inferno had made it impossible for them to get Taka on their way out as well.


Photo: Facebook / Care More Animal Hospital

Several minutes passed – still no sigh of Taka. And then, all of a sudden, the courageous dog – with a leap of faith – came out of a colossal ring of fire.
One of the neighbors ran out to help Taka. The dog had gotten severe burns all over his body, but the most severe ones were at the head, which also resulted in blindness. And since Taka’s family was traumatized by the whole event, the one that took Taka to the Care More Animal Hospital was their neighbor.

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The owners of Taka went to the animal hospital several days later to visit their dog. And their decision was not a heartwarming one. They decided not to take Taka back with them on the excuse of not being able to provide proper treatment for the burns.
Fortunately, the vets in the center got infatuated, or more likely besotted with the dog.


Photo: Facebook / Care More Animal Hospital

As a matter of fact, their love for Taka grew so strong that they didn’t even want to separate from him. Several weeks of treatment later, when Taka had a full recovery, one of the vets, Emily Martin, offered to foster Taka. But after considering the five other dogs that she already had and her baby, the one fostering Taka was Chrystal Lesley (A vet tech at the clinic).

Everyone at the clinic would describe Taka as a buddy-buddy and affectionate dog. But Chrystal Lesley found out that Taka was not as quite friendly with other dogs as he was with humans. Every time Chrystal introduced Taka to a new dog, Taka evinced a feral behavior. And Chrystal wasn’t sure whether he could manage this kind of dog’s behavior or not.

But then he heard about Canine Training Project (A training program for dogs). And since the training program didn’t involve any dog’s age restrictions, Taka was accepted.
Right after the training, Taka was returned to Chrystal, not showing the slightest sign of any feral behavior while interacting with other dogs. As for his interaction with humans, nothing had changed. He was great and friendly as always. And that’s when the idea of enrolling Taka in a training program, which would make him a therapy dog, transpired.


Photo: Facebook / Care More Animal Hospital

Today, Taka is a therapy dog, comforting burn victims at the local burn center. He seems so happy, and everyone loves him at the center. Every now and then, he makes happy woofing sounds. And the sounds of his woofs are so unusual and reposeful that they seem like a soothing song in which the burned in-patients find peace.

Update on Taka:His new home did not work out unfortunately. So I (Crystal Lesley) have decided to adopt him myself. I work at Care More and Taka has been living with me since the beginning of Dec. I have been involved in his care since day 1 so it seemed only natural that I keep him. He gets along with my dogs and fits into my home well. I will start a FB page for him soon and will let you all know when it’s up and running. Just wanted to share a little video I took of him this afternoon. I’d say Taka is happy and doing well!!! 💜💜

Posted by Care More Animal Hospital on Tuesday, January 8, 2019