We won’t get into the dog cat debate. As we all know for a fact that dogs are human’s best friends. Ever asked yourself where would we be without them? The world without them would be much worse actually. Sometimes, we have to help dogs as they always do for us. And the “Hope for Paws” rescue group always does this.

Abby was a miserable dog with matted hair that needs some human help desperately. And immediately, the Hope for Paws team jumps to the rescue.

matted hair

Abby was an abandoned and homeless long-haired dog. Her hair kept growing and it matted and turned into a thick “Dreadlock”. More than 2 years ago, a resident of a mobile home park was always feeding Abby. However, Abby didn’t let any human to touch her hair. It was the right time to help her.

Firstly, they were trying to catch her as a first step. The task wasn’t easy as it seemed because she’s not allowing any human to contact. They used food to get her near them.

So, they tried to attract her with some vegan burger but she didn’t even approach. So, they decided to use meat burgers instead. Actually, this worked. Abby approached and reached the hands of her rescuers.

matted hair

So as to catch her safely, they toss what they call a “Hula Hoop” over her. This is a roundabout net that lets them securely get their hands on the dog. They are strong yet soft, maintaining a strategic distance from potential chomps. You’d expect such a human-timid pooch to be significantly increasingly forceful. Yet as we see through this astonishing excursion that Abby experiences, she’s shockingly easygoing.

It looks like she knew that they were trying to help.

One of the rescue members was so courageous and went to Abby. He wanted to comfort her. It actually worked perfectly. I think some people just have a special way with animals, which is a precious feature. Especially if your passion is saving animals who are scared of humans.
Shortly, Abby got quieter and receptive to people.

matted hair

So as to show Abby that she is sheltered and that they are here to enable, they to trim a couple of introductory locks from her face, clearing her vision to some degree. By permitting her to see all the more plainly, she’s bound to remain loose and not frenzy or lash out.

Now, you can see that Abby simply needs to be helped, and keeping in mind that she is obviously extremely frightened, she submits to everything the rescuers do.

Next, they scoop her up and bounce in the vehicle to drive 2.5 hours back to their central command. That is one long ride for a dog who has had zero human contact for in any event two years!

matted hair

At the point when they land at their central station, they find a good pace her matted hair.

It takes them over an hour to evacuate in excess of a pound of hair from Abby! It falls off in such long, thick pieces that one of the rescuers portrays the segment of the bunched hide as a “scarf”. They discover metal wires inserted in the hide and they remark that as they evacuate it there seems to be “so much soil and residue and sand” all through her jacket.

matted hair

She must be feeling so happy and comfortable after they removed all this matted hair.

It even diverted out that Abby experienced an inguinal hernia which must be fixed carefully. The good thing she was gotten when she was!

She was likewise neutered, inoculated and microchipped, fit to be encouraged. Well, that is a change!

matted hair

After a short time, she was swaying her tail, and making companions. For a dog that began so hesitant and in such a horrendous condition, she makes a total change that you need to see to accept.

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel