Humans often tend to humanize their pets. We are touched by things they do that shouldn’t really be touching, and we get angry at our animals for things we shouldn’t get angry at.

People often don’t pay attention to the real needs of their pets in moments when they truly need us to listen and to understand. Many dog parents think their dogs are like a person who needs to an explanation for everything and is capable of acting out of vice or revenge.

But a wise dog parent cares about their dog’s happiness.

And what makes our dogs happy is not just having food, a place to sleep and some toys, but also being allowed to:

🐾 want to explore the world,
🐾 be happy;
🐾 learn;
🐾 be afraid or nervous;
🐾 get angry;
🐾 feel unwell;
🐾 not want to behave;
🐾 be sad;
🐾 guard and fight for resources;
🐾 lack the understanding of a situation;
🐾 dislike someone.

When we decide to get a dog, we agree to the most important principle: our dog is a live animal, he/she has feelings and emotions, like us. And we must let our pet express his/her needs and be understood. The most important goal of dog parents is to improve their dog’s perception of the world and teach him/her to manage emotions.

It is a fact that:
🔹Dogs are much more weather sensitive than people;
🔹When you leave, they think you have left forever;
🔹When you forbid your dog from doing something, he/she has no way of understanding why you do it;
🔹When you leave, everything at home becomes your pet’s property, not yours;
🔹Dogs don’t know the meaning of revenge and don’t act out of vice;
🔹Dogs don’t daydream and don’t understand beauty;
🔹Dogs don’t understand words.

Dogs are dogs, and they have their own perception of the world and their own needs. And you can become a good dog parent only by you understanding all of your pet’s needs. ✔️