Astronaut Christina Koch just came back to earth after almost a year in space. However, no one missed her more than her dog. Koch posted a video of their long-awaiting homecoming on Twitter, which you can watch in full beneath. In the video, you see the dog excitedly pawing at the glass front entryway as she watches her hotly anticipated human ascension the patio steps. You will rarely see a wagging tail moves that fast!


When Koch’s better half at long last opens the entryway, the lovelorn dog essentially jumps into the astronaut’s arms. The dog is so happy. Nevertheless, she can’t prevent jumping and bouncing from human to human. At long last, the entire pack is as one once more! Presently the dog’s tail is wagging so hard that her body shakes with happiness.

“Not sure who was more excited,” the astronaut composed on Twitter. “Happy she remembers me after a year!” Not just did the dog recollect Koch, the devoted pooch was plainly checking during the time until her arrival.


Koch made history by going through 328 days in space, which is the longest space flight achieved by a female astronaut up until this point. Her year in space additionally included participating in the primary all-female spacewalk with individual NASA astronaut Jessica Meir.

In any case, even before these noteworthy accomplishments, Christina Koch was at that point a legend in her dog’s eyes. Watch their endearing gathering in the video underneath!