Well, making decisions is generally not the easiest thing; that is something that
everyone will agree with. The fear of making wrong choices can majorly contribute to making poor choices.Looking at it in that angle, it is easier be confident and follow one’sinstincts with no worries. Remember your instincts will be mostly right if not always. Now thiswill even make you much more alert when making choices which makes the whole
situation tricky.

However,could this apply to Dunkin? For those of you wondering Who this is, Dunkin is a
really cute and intelligent dog who you will often see on Instagram with his friend Kirby.

You would get convinced that Dunkin’s choice was right at first. However, the moment he realizes what was behind the second option, that is when you will know that the poor dog made a terribly wrong choice.
Looking at the video below, you will see how the dog was put in a situation where it was hard to make up his mind. Dunkin was left no choice but to choose one of his owner’s folded fists. The dog had no idea which of the treats had a better deal. So, he chooses one of the fists and get his deal. Immediately the owner opens the second fist, the dog realizes the fist he did not choose had a tastier deal. From the face the dog made, you will easily tell that it realized how bad of a choice it made. However, instead of acting all up to get the better deal, the dog humbly accepts its poor choice.

Dog Picks The Wrong Hand For Treats

When you make the wrong decision 😥

Posted by LADbible on Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dunkin would host a game show greatly as people would learn so much from the mere dog. One of the lessons to learn from this dog is that in life you are prone to making mistakes every now and then. That does not mean the end of it. Accept the mistake and carry on as there is always a second chance to make things right.

In the meantime, enjoy the breath-taking video and the cute dog.