A video went viral between Egyptian people on the Internet for a crying stray dog. Sadly, some heartless people decided to poison stray dogs. So, many dogs have been killed and some of them were this poor dog’s babies. However, a woman recognized the crying dog and she was trying to comfort her. The dog was crying so hard as if she’s whimper and complaining for the woman.

Stray dogs in Egypt are very friendly, kind and smart. It’s very frustrating seeing these unmerciful people killing them every day for no reason!

 Video Source: Circles

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On the other hand, The Egyptian Society for Baladi Dog is a movement initiated by some dog lovers, encourages adopting Stray Dogs AKA Baladi Dogs (Baladi Means Local). They motivate people to stop buying dogs and to adopt the Native Egyptian Balady breed instead. Therefore, they can have a very smart, strong, funny, friendly and extremely kind furry friend. On the other hand, they will rescue a dog that may have been poisoned, beaten or killed by anyhow.

Egyptian dogs

If you want to know more about Egyptian National Dog Breeds you can visit the Egyptian Kennel Federation EKF website