Ellen’s Show is always interviewing such good and inspiring people. Jennifer and Jim are a kindhearted couple who have given their lives to rescuing and frosting dogs. This animal-lover couple will remain determined to deal with a poor puppy in need. One of the dogs that Jennifer and Jim had carried home to save, was Pearl.

Ellen's Show

This sweet Pit Bull had been carrying on with a quite harsh life. In spite of everything, she was such a caring dog. Given their soft spot for animals, Jennifer and Jim immediately experienced passionate feelings for Pearl and couldn’t stand to see her go – so she turned into their encouragement to come up short.

Firstly, the family was excited and it appeared as if Pearl’s feelings of grief were behind her. However, not long after bringing her home and formally receiving her, the couple saw that Pearl started to get better extremely fast.

After a few visits and interviews with their vet, they knew Pearl has a pancreatic complexity known as exocrine pancreatic inadequacy. Basically, EPI causes the quantity of stomach related catalysts in the body to contract. Thus those with the sickness will create issues, for example, weight reduction and lack of healthy sustenance.

As the doctor’s visit expenses started to pile up to nearly $16,000, both Jim and Jennifer would not surrender trust in Pearl.

In a demonstration of solidarity, Jennifer’s second-grade class chose to do their part to support their instructor’s pooch. What’s more, these caring children chose to set up a lemonade stand. A move that figured out how to grab the eye of Ellen DeGeneres, who brought the couple onto her show.

“Our canines are our children, so it was never any important choice,” Jennifer included.

Ellen clarified on her portion, “So they set up a lemonade stand and raised $120. That is a great deal of lemonade. So bravo!”

The talk show at that point also claimed that she was contributing too. So, as to help Jim and Jennifer deal with Pearl.

You can watch the moment that Ellen reveals her surprise to the couple in the video below from the Ellen’s show: