We hesitate to even admonish our pets. So online viewers were naturally horrified at the video in which an employee angrily grabs a dog in a stranglehold and throws it head-first on the floor. The incident took place in a dog boutique that prides itself as America’s ‘first humane pet shop’. A loud noise is heard as the dog strikes the floor followed by a painful yelp. Customers sound horrified and some of them rush to console the dog. The Bark n’ B-tches employee has since been dismissed.

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Royce Thomas captured the whole disturbing incident on camera. She said that the poor dog flew upside down through the air and landed heavily on its head. Thomas and other customers were horrified at the behavior and uploaded the film on Twitch.

The video begins placidly as dogs are seen roaming around the store as customers stand by in the store in the Fairfax neighborhood. But a squabble breaks out between several dogs. Some of the dogs start fighting suddenly while others join in barking.

One of the employees is heard shouting at the dogs to stop fighting, explaining that a particular dog keeps fighting with everybody. But what she does next in unpardonable. She grabs a dog from the quarreling group by the neck and throws it headfirst across the room. The loud noise as the dog lands on the floor and the painful yelp that follows can be heard on the footage.

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Customers sound horrified and they rush to console the injured dog, who seems a bit shaken. Bark n’ B-tches is rushing to contain the damage and have maintained that this is a one-off incident. They said that such incidents are never tolerated and the employee has been dismissed.

Bark n’ B-tches has maintained that this incident in which the employee grabs a dog and throws it across the room definitely does not represent what they stand for. They also claimed that the dog had recovered and was playful and normal and had been checked out by a vet. But people are not buying the excuses and have demanded stronger action against the employee.