Ever seen a dog sneaks next doors to bath with her favorite friend? Aeida and Cashew are furry best friends, they are technically neighbors. So, they are very close to each other. Therefore, their parents decided to build them a door in the outside fence between their houses. As a result, they can play with each other next doors.

The Staffordshire bull terrier, Aeida, is also quite in love with her human neighbors, the kids in particular. Aeida’s mom, Nicole Ackehurst, said “Aeida is very friendly and loving. She really just loves everyone and anything especially our neighbors’ children.”Dog Sneaks Next Doors

Hence, once Aeida started to vanish every evening, Ackehurst noticed sneaks next door or just hanging at Cashew’s place. However, it wasn’t until Cashew’s parents sent her a claiming message that she fully understood to what point her dog had made herself at home.Dog Sneaks Next Doors

Aeida’s dog mom said: “Our neighbors sent us a Facebook message with Aeida sitting in their bathtub,” Ackehurst said, recalling her laughter because the staffy actively avoids bath time at home. Nor was Aeida’s sudden fondness for bathing with her posse just a one-time fluke. “She will join them at bath time at every chance she gets”.

Anyway, Aeida’s puppy mom is completely sure Cashew’s family doesn’t mind this adorable involvement. (She’s probably also pleased to hear her pup is socializing in such healthy behavior, particularly as Aeida still hates bath time at her own house!)

Ackehurst said: “I’m pretty sure our neighbors love having her over, just as we love having Cashew come over too. Aeida and Cashew are great friends and have such a strong bond. They’re both considered great parts of our families.”


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