I could never really understand how people can be so evil. A dog in Malaysia was the victim of a horrific act by an evil man who painted the dog green and left it to die.

green dog
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The Dog is actually a harmless stray dog that was minding his own business on the streets of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Then, an evil man attacked the dog and painted him green and left it without food or water.

Even worse, the green paint the man used was toxic and could’ve killed the innocent dog.

The dog got very sick after the man painted him. And he was in a very bad condition when the rescue team found him.

The local rescue team headed over to the dog once they got the word of what happened, and they picked him up to save his life.

The immediately started bathing the dog in order to remove the toxic dye, and they were successful in doing so before things got to a critical point.

Thankfully, no serious harm had befallen the dog and he is recovering well with the rescue team. According to them, the dog will soon be in good condition. And will be able to start searching for a home for this poor pup.

Also, the dog’s behavior did not change after the incident. It goes to show how much better dogs are than some people on this planet.

We wish the best for the dog. And we will keep you updated on the story once we have anything to report.

We are aware that such stories are terrible and show the worst in humanity. But sharing them is still important to expose the evil people and their actions. Spreading awareness is crucial to fighting animal abuse.

Some people may even look at an incident like a green dog that is funny. It definitely isn’t. Paint is often toxic to dogs as we explained in our 8 Reasons To NEVER use dog hair dye post.

Spreading awareness of abusive behaviors is important. I just wish I could live to the day where each and every animal can deal with others consciously. However, this appears to be much progressively annoying as time passes. However, this won’t prevent me from battling animal rights under any circumstances.