I Wasn’t Expecting Something Like This — So Cute!

written by: cedricshaddy
Human beings are social animals. They cannot cope with loneliness nicely so a companion is needed. A dog is believed to be the best of allies and friend, a man can find. It gives comfort, consolation, fidelity and love with little thought of return. Would it be loyal and trustworthy or a savage and cringing depends solely on its master. Dog training is essential when it is made a part of the family .One has to understand his dog, develop its potentials, resolve its behaviors and tricks to control it with love and belong ingress. It is believed that a dog likes to obey its master as it gives them a sense of security. There are many dog training rules and tricks that usually the head of the family implies while training the new member .For a dog to live among kids has to follow the house rules as others. It has to be potty trained; not to bark mindlessly on everyone and prevent the craving to bite every other person entering the house .After the training phase the dog man relationship proves to be the best of all.So Cute!

It is not mandatory that only the elder members of the house can train the dog. Little children are much infatuated towards their cute pet, spending majority time with their pointers, spaniels or Labradors. This provides a great opportunity for both to learn and train.

This video is based on the training of a house pet by a cute and adorable little girl. A 6 year old blond haired girl wearing pink and grey Pgs is trying to train her beloved pet .The dog named Guage is a huge fluffy with big ears and paws .Golden hair of his are covering its eyes making him look so cute and adorable. The little girl has some bunties in her hands which she diligently wants to feed her dog .But in return to the treat she expects Guage to shake its paw with her .She lovingly calls out for the dog ;raises firstly her right paw and shows it how to do a respectful handshake .Then she feeds a mouthful of bunties to the cute dog raising her right hand out for a shake .The dog understands and shake its paw .The girl feeling happy with her training repeats the process shaking the left hand now .The father of the girl is encouraging her to continue the training while videoing it .At the end the girl and the dog are very happy on their joint successful venture.

Video Source : Rumble