Dogs make such great guard dogs because they are regional animals. The most known
dogs for excellent protective senses are of the German Shepherd breed. A family in Richmond, Virginia knew their dog is a perfect guard dog, but they weren’t sure how far he would go to keep the family’s home safe.

Tristin Murrin and his family have a wonderful German Shepherd called Oden.

Oden is a cheerful and cuddly pup that the family and the whole neighborhood artlessly love. He has the best humor and very kind to children. Kids immediately run up to play with him when they see him, and he is always incredibly nice to them.

Family Can't Believe What Their German Shepherd Did To an Intruder That Attacked Their House |

One day his family came back from their trip and discovered their little dog has another side they have never seen before. They found their dog waiting for them with a great smile on his face. Seeing him smiling was normal for them, so they went right inside. the first thing that attracted their attention was a few drops of blood on the floor.

The family discovered what looks like a scene from a horror movie as they went moreover inside the house. They have noticed that the floors and walls were covered with blood, and they have seen even more blood everywhere as they went upstairs. “what the heck happened here?” was the family’s first thought. They have decided to go around the house and that was when they came to the reasonable conclusion; an intruder that was welcomed by Oden has attacked their house.

German Shepherd

The amount of blood that was everywhere was horrifying to the family.

They knew Oden was a valid boy who would do anything to keep his family safe. But they
were shocked because they had no idea how aggressive Oden can be to protect their house.

German Shepherd

Hopefully, they have noticed that nothing was missing when they searched for their house. Oden must have attacked the stranger as soon as he walked in the house, and the man must have fought for his life so couldn’t steal anything on his way out. They believe that the intruder was granted to escape with his life as it appears that Oden has attacked him with everything he has gotten.

Family Can't Believe What Their German Shepherd Did To an Intruder That Attacked Their House |

Happily, Oden was not injured by anyway and what happened didn’t change his attitude at all. He was still their lovely puppy as always. Murrin and his family want to share their story so it can hopefully lead to the intruder’s arrest. A documented video of the horrific scene posted on social media ended up being viewed by more than 16 million viewers. Oden’s story just goes to show how worthy a dog as a family member can be.

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