Taking your dog out for a walk is essential for every pet owner. But you should remember that while exercise for your pet is necessary, it is also important that the circumstances for such an exercise are not unhealthy for your pet. Why is that so?

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Well, with the current climatic conditions, there are certain days which can be hot. The heat can skyrocket or be non-conducive for pet walks. If you already have a routine to walk your pet, then you should look at the warnings published by RSPCA. Heatstroke is a common cause of death for many pets. That is something the RSPCA found out this summer.

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healthy dog

Despite getting the warning, many pet owners still took out their dogs for a walk. The high temperature exhausted the animals and as a result, soon, they were walking with an unsteady gait. This family dog passed away due to a heatstroke. Later on, RSPCA issued the formal warning again, this time updating the death news. It was 21 Celsius outside which is about 70 degrees in Fahrenheit. For pets, such a temperature is extremely dangerous.

healthy dog

While the family claims that their healthy dog was young and was only about 5-month old, the vets claim that it does not matter. Heat can affect dogs of all ages, both seniors and young ones. Hence, during these days, it’s best to skip exercise or rather exercise indoors. You should also be wary of the different heat stroke signs that a dog displays.

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healthy dog

The different heat stroke signs are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Sticky gums
  • Too much panting
  • Unsteady walk
  • Dark tongue
  • Vomiting

If you are walking with your dog on a hot summer day and face such an issue, immediately go under a shade and call for help. Don’t continue the physical exercise with your healthy dog anymore.

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