The family found a note beside their bleeding German Shepherd explaining why he shot himBleeding German Shepherd

Firstly, they did not know what happened. Yet, they started to know after they discovered a note left in front of their door by Rogers County police to clarify what happened and why they did this!

Bleeding German Shepherd

Lymon shared the story on Facebook and said, “While we were at church, a disturbance happened at a neighbor’s house, and things ended up with a call to Rogers County Sheriff. Afterward, a police officer came over our home, but none of us was there!”

As per Angie Kaemmerling Lymon about her Bleeding German Shepherd

“My German Shepherd did not accept the deputy approaching the house while no one is there.

It is obvious that the officer kept approaching the house ignoring the dog’s warnings. Upon reaching the house, the police officer felt threatened and shot Bruno.

After the deputy did not find anybody home, he taped a note to the door explaining that he shot my dog before leaving him bleeding out!”

Bruno waited patiently for his family to come back while he was bleeding. The reaction of the family was a shock after they found their beloved Bleeding German Shepherd and might have been dead while waiting all this time.

Bleeding German Shepherd

Lymon also wrote on Facebook,

“This has been Senseless, unnecessary, and avoidable of course as the dog was just doing his job protecting his own turf. Besides, he was in my property interior with over than 100 meters!”

Lymon kept speaking about the most logical option that deputy had, rather than just leaving her dog bleeding. Any decent person would take him to the hospital or call for medical help for the injured poor dog! Yet to leave him in pain like this!

The Sheriff’s Department stated that they said that they would not reach Lymon when they attempted to contact her. However, still, no clarification of why they did not give any medical help for her injured German shepherd!


When they took Bruno quickly to the veterinarian to rescue him, they were worried as the doctors said that his chance of living is 50%. The worst thing was when they thought that their beloved dog may be dead because they couldn’t afford the urgent surgery he required.

Surgery to remove the bullet and save Bruno’s life would cost thousands of dollars. I will immediately begin what I believe is going to be a battle to force Rogers County to bear all the medical expenses required for treating Bruno

Lymon wrote on Facebook.

However, Bruno, thankfully, survived. After he got amazing wishes from all the supporters and the money the family received from them. Sadly, his leg had to be amputated as doctors could not save it.


Since the day Lymon shared the accident on Facebook, dog lovers said they would help her with the condition. Nevertheless, Lymon did not say the name of the officer who shot her dog in public.

She stated that she wants to take the results of the incident. So, she insisted to handle it patiently and wisely. As per Lymon, it’s clear that all the family needs are change and restitution.