Dog owners usually do their best for their dogs, they always make sure they are safe and healthy. Also, they make a lot of researches about the good food for dogs, what to provide and what to avoid. We all know that chocolate is poisonous for all canines, dairy is bad for cats and avocados are fatal for rabbits. But what do you know about xylitol?


You might have not heard about xylitol before. However, it’s toxic for all animals with no exceptions! Unfortunately, Jeni Hargrover Conner did not know about xylitol and how toxic it is, until it nearly killed her beloved dog Dancer!

Dancer was playing with Jenni’s bag when she found a sugar free gum. So, she ate about 25-30 pieces of it. After a few hours, Jenni noticed that Dancer is deathly sick! So, she took her to the nearest vet. There she knew that the reason for becoming ill is that she consumed a lot of sugar-free gum. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener. It’s fatal for pets as most of us did not know.

Luckily, Dancer survived her experience with death. But sadly, not all dogs who eats xylitol are alive to tell the story. Jeni made sure to warn other pet owners to have to bear their lesson the difficult way. So, she decided to spread the word through a video she made about Dancer.

Xylitol is not limited in gum, but also in artificial sweeteners. it’s actually more spread than you’d think. A lot of sugar-free desserts will contain xylitol, toothpaste and even kinds of peanut butter!

Watch Jeni’s video below:

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